As experienced professional yacht brokers we advise and help every buyer find the most suitable yacht for their individual needs and budget. We have an established network of contacts around the world that can provide local information for service and cruising requirements and help locate yachts in different markets.

When you choose your ultimate, initial negotiations are conducted verbally with the seller through Robert Mulcahy Yachts LLP until terms are agreed. At that point a formal written contract is prepared for signature by both parties, detailing all conditions and obligations of the deal and a 10% deposit is liable to secure the yacht, subject to contract. The deposit is held in the unencumbered Robert Mulcahy Yachts LLP client account until completion.

Typically a yacht purchase is subject to professional survey and often sea-trial, both of which will be carried out in accordance with the terms of the written contract under the supervision of Robert Mulcahy Yachts LLP.

It is important that the surveyor is independent of Robert Mulcahy Yachts LLP to retain our impartiality. However if you do not already have your own surveyor, we are able to provide contact details for a selection of local qualified professionals and the Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association (, which is the professional trade body.

When the survey report is received, we will help both the buyer and seller to resolve any issues that are raised.

Whether your yacht is registered in mainland UK, overseas or offshore we are able to check for registered liens and mortgages to ensure that the seller passes you clear title on your purchase. We will then help re-register your new yacht with the registry that is most suitable to your needs.
Private EU resident owners of all yachts kept in European waters should be able to prove the VAT paid status of their yachts or have suitable proof that the yacht is not liable for VAT. Different EU countries have different VAT rates and different ways of interpreting the legislation, so a degree of knowledge and experience is required to ensure you are not going to run the risk of being in breach of the law, and we can provide this at Robert Mulcahy Yachts LLP.

There have been many schemes to reduce or eliminate VAT liability on yachts, some of which are more legitimate than others… At Robert Mulcahy Yachts LLP we have experience of many of the schemes and can advise accordingly.

Whilst it has become more difficult to borrow money to purchase a yacht, we have good contacts with the leading Marine Finance companies and can guide you through the application process.

Specialist yacht insurance companies offer differing levels of cover depending on your planned usage and cruising areas. We can introduce you to some of the leading insurance companies that can offer the best advice.

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